DStv Padi Price in Nigeria 2023 (With Extra View)

DStv Padi Price in Nigeria

The price of DStv Padi monthly subscription in Nigeria today is NGN 2,150 Naira.

After payment, your subscription will be activated in a matter of minutes and you will immediately get access to over 60 channels which include video and audio.

You should check the full list of DStv Padi package channels here. I am constantly updating the page to reflect new changes which may be new channels added or removed.

How Much is DStv Padi Package in Nigeria Plus Extra View?

The price of DStv Padi package with extra view in Nigeria per month is NGN 5,050 Naira.

  • DStv Padi = NGN 2,150
  • Extra View = NGN 2,900
  • Padi + Extra View = NGN 5050.

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