DsTv Explora Price in Nigeria & Features

The latest initiative from MultiChoice to make its customers have the most awesome experience is the introduction of dstv explora decoder for their subscribers.

dstv explora

Explora is equipped with many features and functionalities to make viewers enjoy the best of cable TV.

It is equipped with an internal storage capacity of 2 Terabytes which can be used to store up to 220 hours of recorded TV video footage.

The full Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functionality is actually a new innovation added to the decoder that has not been in other decoders before.

There are many other new features that are added to the explora decoder that cannot be found in other normal dstv hd decoders.

So we will look at the new special features of this decoder as well as the price of the decoder and where you can get it in Nigeria.

Price of DsTv Explora Decoder in Nigeria

The cost of an explora decoder from dstv without installation is N55,000 to N65,000 while with installation is N65,000 to N75,000.

Price in your location may be a little lesser than this or a bit higher depending on the period, you wish to do the purchase.

Nigeria has one of the highest numbers of Explora users, so it is important that you know how much it costs to get the decoder.

You should note that the price may vary depending on the location but we are giving you the estimated price for it. You might also need the help of an expertise for installation. You can contact dstv customer care agents for this.

Explora Features

Explora comes with a lot of features and functionalities that make users’ experience more exciting and fun/ here are some of the special features that come with thid decoder.

1.) Recording Functionality

The latest DSTV decoder comes with an inbuilt PVR which you can use to record up to 220 hours of programmes you will not like to miss.

With this functionality, customers don’t have any excuse to miss their favourite shows or programmes.

Even when you have two of your favourite shows playing out at the same time, you will just only need to watch one and then record the second one so that you can watch the other show later.

You can also decide to pause a show so that you can watch it later when you are less busy.

Another interesting feature that comes with its recording functionality is the fact that you must not be available at the time the programme is showing before you record.

You can simply schedule your recordings using your DSTV Now app on your smartphone or through the online TV guide.

What you just need to do is to make sure that your Explora is connected to the internet.

2.) DsTv Catch Up

Due to some days when you might be having busy schedules, you may not have the time to watch your favourite shows or miss the football match of your favourite team.

The dstv catch up ensures that you do not need to be worried about missing a thing.

With the DSTV catch up, you get to watch all the shows, football games, movies, series or latest happenings you have missed while away from home at your own convenient time.

You can connect to the internet to download any of the missed shows so that you can watch them when you are free.

3.) Playlist features

The playlist features help you sort out the various recordings done on Explora decoder.

This is to avoid things becoming messy since you can record up to 220 hours of videos and you may not know how to navigate through to get the ones you wish to watch first.

The playlist feature keeps each recorded video in its appropriate category so that it becomes easier for you to locate each of the stored programme you wish to watch at a time.

4.) BoxOffice

Should in case you get bored or tired with all the channels showing on your DSTV package (which is most unlikely anyway), it allows you get access to blockbuster movies you can enjoy with family, friends and loved ones.

With the BoxOffice, you can rent any of the available blockbusters and watch on your TV.

You can get up to 48 hours of rentals so as to enable you to invite friends and family to join you and have fun together.

5.) Instant Search

Discovering channels or programmes has been made easier and faster on Explora decoder due to the instant search feature available for Playlist, BoxOffice, and Catch Up.

This makes finding your preferred or specific content easy.

To use this feature, locate the search button on your remote control when you are in any of the sections you wish to search the content from and press it.

Different options will be displayed automatically as you begin to type each letter with matching results.

6.) HD Viewing Capacity

This is another exciting aspect of this decoder.

You get to have a high definition of crystal-clear viewing experience that makes the images on the TV looking more alive and real.

It has an HD capacity of 720p HD or 1080i HD.

However, it is important you know that not all packages come with HD viewing and there are also some channels that do not have the HD viewing capacity.

To enjoy the HD viewing feature, always go for the premium package so that you get the best viewing experience.

The audio quality of the decoder is superb.


  • Parental Control
  • XtraView (compatible with all other XtraView decoders)
  • View 1, Record 1
  • Series recording
  • Ethernet connection
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Buffer retained on channel change
  • Content discovery (include multiple searches)
  • Widescreen capable
  • Hearing-impaired subtitles (when available)

Packages Available on Explora

Since the financial capacity of people is different, so there is a provision of different plans and packages for users to choose from depending on what they can afford.

It is important you note that each subscription plan lasts only for a month.

Here are the subscription plans available for users

DSTV Access Package

This is the most affordable package you can get. With only N2000, you get access to over 90 local and foreign channels.

This package has been removed

DSTV Yanga

With DSTV Yanga, you get access to over 94 channels for just N2,650 only. You get a mix of entertainment, information, and variety of other channels to keep you glued to your TV set.

DSTV Family Package

This package is the most ideal package for a family looking for the cheapest package they can enjoy as a family during weekends or leisure hours. The cost of this package is N4,000 monthly with access to over 100 channels.

There are channels in this package that users can enjoy with family and friends. The package comes with both local and foreign channels.

This package has been removed

DSTV Confam

The DSTV Confam package offers a range of entertainment and information designed for the relaxation of the family.

This package is perfect for family members who need to come together to have fun and also get informed.

The cost of DSTV Confam subscription package is N4,615 monthly and you get access to over 120 channels.

DSTV Compact Package

This package is for sports lovers because of the many sports channels you get access to with this subscription package.

The cost of this package is N7,900. You get over 135 channels with this plan.

DSTV Compact Plus

This package is an upgraded version of the Compact package. You get to enjoy everything that comes with the Compact package and more.

The Compact plus also comes with the HD capacity. It costs 12,400 to get this package with over 155 channels

Premium Package

The DSTV Premium Package is the father of all DSTV packages because it comes with all the functionalities and features available with the Explora decoder. HD capacity is also available with this plan.

Although it’s quite expensive, you still get to enjoy over 175 channels, both local and foreign.

The cost of this package is N18,400 but you are sure of getting value for your money because there is no dull moment for you when you are on DSTV Premium package.

DSTV Indian

This is a new addition to the explora packages. This package offers some of the best Indian movies and shows that keeps you entertained as well as informed.

With this package, you get an additional 15 premium Indian channels for N5,400.

DSTV French Touch

This package is also a newly added bouquet which you can add to your DSTV Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, or Access packages for just a little extra amount.

With N3,180, you get extra 10 channels

DSTV French Plus

This is another French TV package that offers you an extra 15 French channels at the rate of N6,360 per month.

With French Plus, you take your viewing to another level of fun and entertainment.

Final Note

DsTv explora as seen above gives you the best TV cable experience you can ever imagine.

You do not need to worry about missing any programme or show, you also get to connect your decoder to your smartphone where you can also watch any show via your smartphone.

The ability to pause live events for up to 2 hours is another feature users look out for.

So, if you are in need of a cable TV where you get entertained and informed without the fear of missing a thing, then explora is the best choice.


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