How to Check 9mobile Data Balance Using Code & SMS


In this write up are the methods including the codes to check 9mobile data balance with ease.

how to check 9mobile data balance

In this era of search of secure, fast and affordable internet connections, it will appear difficult most times to memorize different codes for checking data balance on different networks.

You can adopt different platforms to aid you in this quest. It is just a reminder if you have forgotten that the 9Mobile is the former Etisalat.

They legally went through a name rebranding and other management changes, but most of their operations are still the same.

Today in Nigeria, the numbers of networks available make customers have difficulty to memorize a code for data balance check.

I will show you how to check data balance of 9Mobile using several platforms, so adopt the method that best suits you.

Code to Check 9mobile Data Balance

Simply dial *228# with 9Mobile number on your device to check your data balance.

Using this method to check data balance is the fastest and most accessible, but at times you might not be too sure of the right codes to dial

It is a short code that is reliable and works on all devices and does not require an internet connection to function.

Once sent, you will receive your data balance together with the dates in which the data will expire, the package you are currently in and bonus, as a message on your mobile device.

Check Etisalat Data Balance Using SMS

Open your messages or SMS, create new SMS, then type the INFO or BAL as a single word then send to 228 with your 9mobile number.

It is another method to check your data balance more conveniently and applicable to all devices like the android, java, window, tablets etc.

Upon successful delivery, you immediately get an SMS with the details of your data balance, date of expiry and the necessary action you should take to access your bonus.

It is a method that does not display data bonus on the tariff of 9Mobile, which might not be satisfactory for you.

Moreover, one reason that makes it more convenient to use is that it requires no internet connection access and is a fast way to check your data balance on 9Mobile.

Using 9mobile Mobile App

It is a convenient way of checking data balance, especially for mobile App lovers. Smart mobile phone users widely accept it.

A platform that does not only allows you to check your data balance but also gives you the ease and access to change from one 9mobile subscription plan to another and get more useful information.

How to get started using your mobile App? Follow these steps below:

Visit Google play store for android mobile users or

iTunes if your Device is Apple

Follow the directed instructions to download and install the 9Mobile App in your device accordingly

Continue with registration using your 9Mobile number

At the finish, the application will display your account, including subscription plan, data balance, airtime balance and all necessary information.

You can use the MasterCard or airtime available to replenish your data balance using 9Mobile App.

Follow further instructions on the App for more information on the guideline on how to implement this function.

Moreover, using the 9Mobile App requires a stable internet connection which gives you the opportunity and flexibility to manage your account.

Consequently, this App has a limitation of usage by 9Mobile subscribers because it depends on the internet connection for functionality.

Using Customer Service

The customer service support, most times, seems to be the last method to use, especially when other ways have not been successful.

This might not be too convenient for you, it tends to satisfy all your queries as giving you the opportunity to communicate directly to a 9Mobile personnel.

All you need to do is dial the number 200 on your 9Mobile device, follow the guided instructions to get successfully connected to online customer service personnel.

It is the final method you can use to check your data balance, expiry date, subscription plans, bonus and every other query you need to know about your 9Mobile number.


You can use one of the methods listed above to check 9mobile data balance stress free. This means to know how much volume of data left.


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