Canada Visa Application In Nigeria {Fees, Requirements}


Are you planning on travelling to Canada this particular moment or anytime soon. Here is a complete information on Canada visa application in Nigeria. From requirements to process.

canada visa application in nigeria

In this guide you will find the requirements and every other thing you need to successfully apply for the document right here in Nigeria. Read on!

Apart from Cameroun, Canada is the only country in the world with English and French as its official languages. So with a knowledge of either French or English you can survive in the country.

Canada is currently one of the new cool location Nigerians are looking to migrate to however, if you are among the few that knows and has started asking about how much Australia visa costs in Nigeria and how to apply, i have a whole article for that.

Some Facts About The Country

There are lots of interesting reasons that make visiting Canada for tourism and vacation or going over there to settle and work a perfect idea.

For instance, Canadians are one of the world’s friendliest people. They are hardly rude to foreigners. They accept and relate with everyone irrespective of their race, religion, sex etc.

Canadians are also known for their readiness to tender apologies and say sorry, regardless of whose fault it is. It’s so much that in 2009 an Apology Act was passed making apologies inadmissible in court.

With 56% of the total population (37million) having earned some sort of an academic degree after high school, the country is the most educated country in the world.

Talking about size, Canada is the second-largest country in the world. With a total area that measures around 9.984 million square kilometres, the country is only second to Russia in size.

The country has lots of tourist attractions you don’t want to miss for anything in the world if you are travelling to Canada.

For instance the popular Niagara Falls, Toronto’s CN Tower, Old Quebec, Whistler, Poler of Bears of Churchhill, Manitoba and so many others.

Canada also has one of the best economies in the world for you to either work or establish a business in. Their currency, the Canadian Dollar, is one of the highest currencies in the world.

So if you are travelling to this country for any reason, here is how to apply for Canadian visa from within Nigeria and get it as soon as possible.

Canadian Visa Types, Their Fees & Requirements

Generally, Canadian visas are divided into two major categories: the temporary and the permanent residence permits.

Here we will take a quick look at the temporary residence permits which are the most common types of visas people apply for when travelling abroad.

1.) Student Visa – N40,820

The student visa also known as study permit, allows you to stay and study in Canada for as long as your program is going to last.

After the duration of your program you can still stay in the country for a period of 90 days using this permit.

You can apply to have it renewed once it expires but you must do that for at least 30 days before the expiration date.

When applying for this visa, you will be required to provide proof of admission by an educational institution in Canada.

Alongside that, you will be required to provide a proof that you are financially capable of taking care of yourself and your academic needs while you are in the school. For this, you can present your bank statement.

The student visa application process also involves you providing a proof of your being healthy and sound, free from very contagious diseases like tuberculosis etc.

Also, if you do not have a clean criminal record, forget about applying for this. This permit costs $150 (Canadians dollars).

2.) Work Permit – N42,180

This Canadian visa allows you to live and work in the country for a maximum of four years.

With it, you can work multiple jobs provided it does not affect the primary one for which you applied for the work permit in the first place.

While applying for this, you will be required to provide proof of employment from your employer in Canada (an employment letter etc) alongside a few other things including the payment.

You must have a clean criminal record and will not be allowed to do other things while you are in the country except what you said you wanted to do from the beginning.

One way you can get this visa approved easier or faster is by having your employer apply for it on your behalf from there as your sponsor.

That way, you will not have much challenges with the process from here.

The Canadian work permit costs around $155 (Canadian dollar) for a single entry.

3.) Visitors Visa – N27,210

This permit is issued to people who are just visiting the country for one reason or the other. It is also issued to people who are transiting through a Canadian airport to their final destination.

With a visitors visa, you can stay for upto 6 months or more in the country depending on the date that is written or stamped on your travelling document at the point of entry by the border services officer.

To be eligible for this, you must have a valid passport, be in perfect health, have a clean criminal records or immigration-related convictions and have enough money to take care of you while you are in Canada.

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You must also be able to convince the immigration services you won’t exceed your stay in the country and that you have things to go back home to at the end of your stay.

The visitors visa for single entry costs around $100 (Canadian dollar).

Other types of visa you can find on the official Canada Visa application website includes: Start-up visa program, visitors family and so on.

Canada Visa Application in Nigeria 2020

There are two major ways you can begin and as well complete your Canada visa application from within Nigeria. One is to do it online using electronic method to fill and submit your application, the other is to do it offline through paper.

Online Application

Here is a step by step guide on how to apply for any of the permits online.

1.) Using your device, log on to the official Canada visa application website.

2.) Click on “sign in or create an account to apply online”.

3.) On the next page click on “Register”

4.) On the new page that opens, select “Register with a GCKey” or “Register with a Sign-In partner”.

The GCKey registration makes use of a username, password and security questions which you have to choose by yourself while the sign-in partner registration has to do with using your Canadian Bank details to sign up.

As a Nigerian who is yet to own a Canadian bank account, I think you should go with the first option.

5.) Select “Sign Up” on the next page that will open after you have chosen to register with GCKey.

6.) Read the terms and conditions and click on “I accept” to proceed with the registration.

7.) Create your username and Click on “continue.”

8.) Follow the onscreen instructions you see from there to complete the registration, make the payments and submit your application for the Visa.

9.) You will be required to enter your biometrics like your fingerprint and passport. Ensure you have all the equipments for these ready.

10.) Once you’ve submitted your application, regularly log into your account or check your email to monitor your application status or view mails from the Canadian immigration services.

Offline Application Process

To apply for the Canadian permit on paper (offline method) here is how to go about it.

1.) First download the application form from the official Canadian Immigration website free of charge or visit their centers in Nigeria to pick it up.

2.) Fill the forms and make the payment. You will have to schedule a date for your visa interview at their office.

3.) Print out the appointment letter as evidence that you have actually scheduled an appointment for the visa interview.

4.) Proceed with it to the office on the date of your appointment alongside your other travelling documents like your international passport, Passport-size photo and any other supporting documents you may be asked to present.

General Requirements For All Kinds Of Canadian Visas

Before applying for any of the permits that will give you entry into Canada from Nigeria, here is a list of general requirements that you must go through in order to help make your application successful.

1.) You must be able to speak, write and understand either English or French language well.

2.) You must have a clean criminal record. In this case, a police report.

3.) An applicant must have a valid Nigerian international passport with at least two blank pages where your visa will be added.

4.) Proof that you can financially take care of yourself and anyone traveling with you for the period of your stay in Canada. A bank statement is what is needed here.

5.) Proof that you are medically sound. A doctor’s report is what here is all about.

6.) If you are being sponsored by someone already in the country you intend visiting, you will need a letter of invitation, employment etc from the person stating clearly the nature of your visit, how long will you be staying etc.

7.) You may need to convince the immigration services officer that you will not be staying more than the given date on your visa.

8.) Proof of payment of visa application fees.

9.) Proof of flight bookings, hotel bookings etc.

10.) Proof that you have ties to Nigeria -things you will have to come back home to at the duration of your stay in their country. Things like family, business, assets etc.

11.) Your biometrics (fingerprints, photo etc).

Canadian Embassies in Nigeria

Here is the address of canadian embassy in Abuja and Lagos Nigeria.

1.) Abuja Embassy

  • Address: High Commission of Canada to Nigeria 13010G, palm close,Diplomatic Drive, Central Business District, Abuja.
  • Phone Lines: (011 2349) 461-2900
  • Email:

2.) Lagos Embassy

  • Address: Canadian Deputy High Commission, Immigration section 4 Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
  • Phone: (234 1) 262-2512/13/15
  • Email:

Wrapping It Up

Canada visa application in Nigeria today is easier compared to how it used to be the years gone by. With this step by step guide, you can apply for it without much hassles.

If you ever get stuck along the way, feel free to reach out to their Nigerian embassies for help using their contact details on this web page. I hope you find this article useful.


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