How to Borrow Airtime from MTN Network in Nigeria


Having enough credit on your phone can enable you do things like make calls, send text messages, buy data etc. But there are times when you run out of credit on your phone, and maybe unable to recharge at that moment. The good thing is that you can easily borrow airtime from MTN.

borrow airtime from mtn

Credit can be borrowed from MTN by using the XtraTime service.

It is a service that helps you borrow credit on your phone, and pay back the next time you recharge your phone.

The service is available to Prepaid customers only. Prepaid customers are those customers who pay for services by purchasing credit before they can use any services.

One of my previous post is on how you can borrow credit from glo network to use at the moment and pay back later.

There are some conditions which must be met before you can borrow airtime.

  • You must be a Prepaid customer
  • You must make sure your phone number is registered properly.
  • You must have been using you MTN line for more than 3 months.
  • Spend a minimum of N200 monthly on your MTN line for a minimum of three months. This includes using it for either purchasing credit or data.
  • Have a range of N0 to N75 on your main line.
  • To borrow credit from MTN, the account balance on your line must be quite low, and be between N0 – N75. If you have more than N75 on your line, you will be unable to borrow credit.
  • You must have paid any outstanding loan previously owed. All loans must be fully settled before credit can be borrowed.

There are two main ways you can borrow credit from MTN. They are via *606# and 606 IVR.

How to Borrow Airtime from MTN

  • Dial *606# on your MTN line, and then select the XtraTime option
  • A list of preferred amount to borrow will be displayed on your phone screen. You are to select the amount of credit you want to borrow
  • After selecting the amount you want to borrow, the system then displays the amount you want to borrow, and also the service fee that will be charged for borrowing that particular amount of credit.
  • This is done in order to enable you to confirm the transaction
  • After the transaction is successfully confirmed, the service fee is deducted and your XtraTime account will be credited with the remaining airtime balance and a message indicating a successful transaction will be sent to you.

Alternative Method to Borrow

This method is different from the above one and using this method simply implies that you would have to actually dial “606” from your MTN line, and follow the instructions to enable you successfully borrow credit.

Here are the steps to follow

  • Dial 606 from your MTN line. When you do this, you will hear some announcements being played from the system. The announcements instruct you to choose a preferred language. The language options are English, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba
  • After selecting the language that is preferred, you will have the option of selecting either XtraTime or XtraByte. XtraByte enables you borrow data, so it is best to choose XtraTime
  • Once XtraTime is selected, the system notifies you on the amount of airtime that you are allowed to borrow
  • Select the preferred amount from the list of options
  • The system announces the amount you intend to borrow and also the corresponding service fee which is applicable. It informs you to confirm the transaction
  • When the transaction is confirmed, the system automatically deducts the applicable service fee, and then credits you with the airtime balance. When this is completed, you will receive a message, notifying you that the transaction was successful


The borrowed credit cannot be transferred to another line.

When loading a recharge card to pay back the loan, the amount borrowed is deducted first, and if there is any balance, it will be loaded in the main account of the MTN customer.

There is an unlimited number of times that a customer can borrow airtime from MTN, as far as there are no outstanding debts owed

Depending on the time spent using the MTN network, amount used in regular recharge, a customer may be able to borrow between N25 XtraTime and as high as N5,000 XtraTime.


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