How to Borrow Airtime from Glo Network


You must have heard about one services that allows you to borrow airtime from Glo and pay back later. Well, i am here to explain how it works.

how to borrow airtime on glo

We often run out of airtime and might be faced with difficult situations whereby we can’t top up instantly.

Sometimes, this occurs when we are in pressing need of airtime, such as concluding an important business deal over the phone, discussing an important family issue, or calling for a rescue out of difficult circumstances.

Glo, being one of the fastest growing telecommunication company in Africa and among the largest network providers in Nigeria, with about 27.4 million subscribers, have been offering great services, ranging from very cheap calls to fast 4g mobile internet, and many more.

Glo has also introduced an amazing offer which helps you borrow up to N2000 worth airtime.

This service is known as the ‘Glo borrow me airtime’. It offers assistance to customers who are stranded as a result of low or no airtime.

How to Borrow Airtime from Glo

To borrow credit from Glo and save yourself stress caused by this terrible scenerio, just follow these two simple steps below.

  • Generate a pin which allows you to borrow airtime
  • Dial *321# to generate the four digit pin using any safe number you can remember.
  • E.g, 1234, 2323, or 1999
  • After generating the pin, borrow specific amounts using a defined code. Dial *321*pin*amount #.
  • E.g: *321*1999*50# for N50 worth borrowed airtime.
  • As interesting and easy as this is, it is only available to Glo subscribers who meet the eligibility criteria to borrow airtime.

Eligibility Criteria

1.) Own a registered Glo sim

2.) Use the Glo sim for some months

For N50, N100, N200 and N500 worth borrowed airtime, the Glo suscriber should have been on the Glo network for about four months, and about twelve months for N1000 worth borrowed airtime.

3.) Recharge your Glo sim frequently.

4.) Pay outstanding loans.

Service Charge

A certain amount is deducted once you borrow credit from Glo.

This is known as the service charge, and it is a very little amount which varies according to the amount borrowed.

  • For N50 worth borrowed airtime, a service fee of N7.5 is deducted
  • For N100 worth borrowed airtime, a service fee of N15 is deducted
  • For N200 worth borrowed airtime, a service fee of N30 is deducted
  • For N500 worth borrowed airtime, a service fee of N75 is deducted
  • For N1000 worth borrowed airtime, a service fee of N150 is deducted
  • For N2000 worth borrowed airtime, a service fee of N300 is deducted


This borrowed airtime would be immediately deducted from your next recharge

Glo borrowed airtime has an expiry date which is according to the amount borrowed. Borrowing lesser amounts attracts shorter expiry dates

You cannot buy data from globacom using the borrowed airtime.

More importantly, you have to constantly recharge your Glo sim to qualify


Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation where you have no access to top up your airtime and you quickly need to make some calls, i believe you now know how to borrow airtime from glo network with ease.


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