How to Borrow Airtime from 9mobile Network


Credit is one of the things that make us have an amazing experience on our mobile networks and here is how you can borrow airtime from 9mobile network.

how to borrow airtime on 9mobile

Most persons always feel apprehensive about exhausting their airtime and data.

Several customers have been in that tight situation, whereby they run out of airtime or exhaust their data.

Have you ever been in such situation?

It gets even more frustrating when we cannot easily top up our airtimes or data.

This sometimes happens when we either need airtime to speak to loved ones, customers, seal a business deal or need data to surf the internet and chat away boredom.

As an active customer on the 9mobile network you can however get yourself out of this tough situation using the 9mobile more credit service.

9mobile, formerly known by the brand name Etisalat, is among Ome of the best mobile network operators in Nigeria.

It has been known as the most friendly, innovative, and customer focused mobile network in Nigeria.

The mobile network has won several awards such as, Brand of the Year, Best Telecoms Customer Service, Best Marketing Company, Most Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Company, and Market Friendly Operator, etc.

9mobile offers excellent features, such as:

  • The self-service application, my9mobile App which assists customers to top up their airtime, check their 9mobile data volume balance, and explore various products and services on the 9mobile network.
  • Affordable night data plans, bonus and unlimited free SMS, with the 9mobile Morecliq service.
  • Excellent data services which allows customers to explore amazing internet services, using 9mobile BlazeOn.
  • Providing customers offers with cost effective roaming experience on voice, SMS and data services with the 9mobile Moreflex Hybrid Premium Bundles.
  • Morebusiness 2.0, with amazing voice and data products which makes the network convenient for customers.
  • 9mobile Caller tunes service with exciting music, which thrills your callers when they call.
  • 9mobile is present in several countries such as, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Mali, Nigeria, Gabon, Togo, Burkina Faso, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Niger, Central African Republic, etc.

All over Nigeria, customers are attracted to 9mobile, because of their quality service.

This connects users all over the country.

Now, with the launch of 4G LTE, the 9mobile network has been offering high speed data and quality voice services that will enable customers enjoy the network better.

9mobile also provides several airtime and data sharing plans, which allows customers share airtime and data to family and friends using the network.

Active customers on the 9mobile networkdo not also have to feel bothered when they run out of airtime or exhaust their data.

Subscribers can easily borrow airtime and data using the 9mobile morecredit service and repay on their next recharge.

This article would teach you on how to easily use the 9mobile more credit service to borrow airtime and data.

How to Borrow Airtime from 9mobile

Dial *665# >> Borrow Airtime >> Get the highest amount you can borrow or Choose Loan Amount >> Simply choose either option one or option two, depending on your needs.

Alternatively, you can just dial *665*amount#.

For instance, if you want to borrow N50 worth of airtime, just dial *665*50#.


You can easily borrow any amount on the 9mobile network.

However, the amount you borrow depends on how long you have been on the network, and how often you top up your airtime.

A service charge of 15% is deducted on your next recharge after borrowing airtime or data on the network.

Only eligible customers are allowed to borrow airtime or data. The eligibility criteria includes:

Your 9mobile sim card must have been registered and activated.

You must have no outstanding.

You must have been on the 9mobile network for at least 2 months.

To check your eligibility status on the network, dial *665# >> a pop up menu would appear, just select option two.

Also, you can check your eligibility status using SMS, by texting ‘status‘ to 665.


To save yourself from that difficult situation of low credit and insufficient data as an active subscriber, simply borrow airtime from 9mobile and repay when you are able to recharge.

And if you are lucky to have someone with high credit balance around you, you can just have them transfer airtime to your 9mobile number from their own line.


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