Best Phones Under 100k in Nigeria With Great Value


If you are looking for the best phones under 100k in Nigeria, you should know there isn’t many options out there to choose from that offer good value for that amount.

best phones under 100k in Nigeria

A budget of N100,000 is a pretty good budget, if you’d like to own one of the best devices out there.

This budget isn’t going to buy you a phone like the Samsung Note 20, but it would get you a product you’re definitely going to love.

However, even though this kind of budget is enough to get you an impressive phone, great care has to be exercised, when shopping.

There are many overpriced product in the market. In other words, you could end up spending your cash on an overpriced item.

And to help our audience get the best value for their money, we’d be recommending some products we know to be great value for money.

Talking about value for money, if your budget isn’t up to 100,000, it might interest you to know that there are smartphones you can buy for even less 90,000 Naira that you will still enjoy.

Best Phones Under 100k in Nigeria

There are just 3 smartphones that i can in good faith put on this list which are the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s, Samsung Galaxy A31 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro that selling for less than 100000 Naira.

Both the A31 and Note 9 Pro however only have their 64GB variants below N100k and you will have to add a few thousands to get the 128GB.

1.) Redmi Note 9s: N94,000

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chipset: Octa-core Processor [Six 1.80 GHz Kryo 465 Silver cores & Two 2.30 GHz Kryo 465 Silver cores]
  • Adreno 618 GPU
  • 4 / 6 GB RAM
  • 64 / 128 GB UFS 2.1 internal storage [Expansion support]
  • 5,020 mAh Li-Po battery
  • 2G, 3G, and 4G support [Dual SIM]
  • 6.67-inch IPS Display [1080 x 2400 pixels; 395 ppi]
  • Android 10 OS
  • 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 5 MP rear camera; 16 MP front camera
  • Fingerprint scanner [Side-mounted]

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s is one of the most talked about Xiaomi products in the market. The phone has a lot of hype around it, and I consider it a device deserving the hype.

Even though, the rear side of the phone doesn’t feature a glass, the design of the product is a thing you’re very unlikely to be disappointed about.

The colour in which the product is available in, is also a thing you’d appreciate.

While the design of this phone is a thing worthwhile of having a lengthy discussion about, the design is not the only reason why we consider it impressive. Computing power is another reason we consider the phone impressive.

Being more elaborate, the Note 9s is a device powered by a chipset known as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G. This chipset happens to be an highly impressive item; so when it comes to computing performance, you have nothing to worry about.

An octa-core processor is tasked with handling the generic computing tasks of the phone, the Adreno 618 GPU is what’s responsible for its graphics-related tasks, and a 6 GB RAM serves as its main memory.

The Adreno 618 GPU is also one of the impressive GPUs we have out there, so the aspect of graphics processing is not a thing you have a worry about. The 6 GB RAM further ensures that the device would deliver an amazing performance.

When you see people talking about the members of the Note 9 series, some of the things they never fail to mention, are the rear cameras of the device. The main rear camera of the phone is a 48 MP camera known as the Samsung S5KGM2.

As you would expect, this camera is highly-enhanced and much better than many cameras having the same resolution.

While the Samsung S5KGM2 lens serves as the main rear camera of the Note 9s, an 8 MP camera assists with wideness of pictures, a 2 MP camera assists with depth of pictures, and a 5 MP camera assists with taking macro pictures.

The front camera of the device is also an impressive thing. The lens which is the Omnivision OV16A1Q has a resolution of 16 MP and it is highly-enhanced.

2.) Redmi Note 9 Pro: N99,000

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chipset: Octa-core Processor [Six 1.80 GHz Kryo 465 Silver cores & Two 2.30 GHz Kryo 465 Silver cores]
  • Adreno 618 GPU
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 64GB, 128GB UFS 2.1 internal storage [Expansion support]
  • 5,020 mAh Li-Po battery
  • 2G, 3G, and 4G support [Dual SIM]
  • 6.67-inch IPS Display [1080 x 2400 pixels; 395 ppi]
  • Android 10 OS
  • 64 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 5 MP rear camera; 16 MP front camera
  • Fingerprint scanner [Side-mounted]

The Redmi Note 9 Pro is a lot like the Note 9s. The phone has the same design as the Note 9s and it features the same computing hardware as the other phone.

The aspect where they differ, is the aspect of camera.

The main rear camera this phone features is more impressive, compared to that of the 9s.
The main rear camera of the 9 Pro is the Samsung Bright S5KGW1. This lens is an ISOCELL lens having a resolution of 64 MP. It is further an highly-enhanced lens.

Another aspect where these phones are similar is the aspect of charging. While the Note 9s has support for 18 watts fast charging, the 9 Pro supports 30 watts fast charging.

In other words, when charging both phones, the 9 Pro would take half of the time needed by the 9s.

In short, if you’re the kind who wouldn’t always have a lot of time to charge their phone, the 9 Pro might be a better option.

3.) Samsung Galaxy A31: N100,000

  • MediaTek MT6768 Helio P65: Octa-core processor [Two 2.00 GHz Cortex A75 cores & Six
    1.70 GHz Cortex A55 cores]
  • Mali-G52 MC2 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • 4 / 6 GB Random-access Memory (RAM)
  • 64 / 128 GB eMMC 5.1 internal storage [Expansion support]
  • 5,000 mAh Li-Po battery
  • 2G, 3G, and 4G networks support
  • 6.40-inch IPS display [1,080 x 2,400 pixels; 411 PPI]
  • Android 10 OS
  • 48 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP + 5 MP rear camera; 20 MP front camera
  • Fingerprint scanner [Under-display, optical]

For anyone who budgets N100,000 for their next smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A31 is one of the devices I’ll ask you to consider.

This device, just like many top Samsung products, comes in a nice design. And aside looking nice, the phone also comes in a premium look. In short, when holding it in the public, the device helps make a statement.

When it comes to computing power, the Galaxy A31 is also not something you have to worry about. The device is powered by the MediaTek MT6768 Helio P65 chipset.

This chipset is not popular, but from our experience with the Galaxy A31, you have nothing to worry about.

The processor the Galaxy A31 features, is an octa-core processor. Six of this processor’s cores are Cortex A55 cores rated at 1.70 GHz.

And as you will expect, these cores are the simple cores of the processor. While the six Cortex A55 cores are the simple cores of the phone, two other cores, which are Cortex A75 cores, kick into action, when the phone has heavy computing tasks at hand.

In terms of RAM, the Galaxy A31 is also not disappointing. Every impressive phone is expected to come with at least 6 GB of RAM, and the phone hasn’t disappointed in this aspect, as you can get a Galaxy A31 with 6 GB of RAM.

Another thing I find impressive about this device is its cameras. The phone is equipped with highly-enhanced front and rear cameras, which take amazing pictures.

In fact, you can’t compare the cameras of the device to other cameras of the same resolution featured in many other phones. In other words, if you’re the kind who loves to take pictures a lot, a product like the Galaxy A31 won’t disappoint.

As regards connectivity, the Galaxy A31 comes with support for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
However, it has no support for 5G networks.

And this lack of 5G support shouldn’t really be a reason not to use the device. 5G is unlikely to become mainstream in Nigeria, until after about 3 or 4 years.

So unless you plan using the device for over 3 years, you shouldn’t really bother about it’s lack of 5G networks support.

Providing more info on the phone’s 4G support, the device has support for 4G networks of all major mobile network operators in the country.

So you won’t have the problem of the phone being unable to use the 4G networks of some network operators.

Lastly, the phone runs and the Android 10 OS. And when the Android 11 rolls out, it is one of those Samsung products that are guaranteed to get OS upgrades.

So if you’ll like to enjoy the Android 11, shortly after it gets released, the Galaxy A31 can give you that.

Final Words

Before wrapping up this content, I feel its important to make you aware of the fact that the three devices presented in this content might be difficult to get in physical stores around. You should be able to find them on Jumia though.

But, if you are having problem finding them in any of the mentioned places, head over to an international platform. By international platform, I’m talking about platforms like AliExpress, Wish, Amazon, etc.

As you can see, 2/3 are xiaomi phones at an affordable amount in Nigeria, so guys, what do you think about the above best phones under 100k Naira right now in Nigeria? Let me know in the comment box.

To wrap this up, if you are looking for mid range smartphones around 150k Naira, then you most probably are looking for the upper mid-range segment and i will recommend the likes of Samsung A51 and Galaxy M51.

And if what you are looking for is those around 200k Naira above, then i will say you check out the Google Pixel 4a 5G edition and the OnePlus Nord.


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