Australia Visa Fee In Nigeria {How Much}


Are you thinking of travelling to Australia and wondering what it will cost you in terms of the money and other necessary requirements to gain legal entry into the country? This article features all the information you need in order to make your journey a successful one. Here you will find the latest Australia Visa fee in Nigeria, where and how to apply for it plus other necessary information you need as a Nigerian travelling to the country.

australia visa in nigeria

Great Facts About Australia

By total area, it is the sixth-largest country in the world. According to reports, that are more Kangaroos in this very large country than people.

The Australian Highway 1 is the longest national highway in the world. The highway is about 14500 kilometres in length and circumnavigate the entire country.

Opera House of Australia is one of the most beautiful buildings you will ever see in your lifetime. Shaped like huge shells or billowing sails, this great architectural wonder that is surrounded by water, sits comfortably in one of Australia’s biggest cities, Sydney.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge built in 1932 is also one of the things that has attracted several thousands of people to the country.

Other very interesting sites to see in Australia includes the Blue Mountains National Park, Great Barrier Reef marine park, Fraser Island, Kangaroo Island and several others.

So if you are thinking of a country to visit for tourism or vacation, Australia is definitely one of such countries.

They have been known to also have some of the best hotels you can find anywhere in the world.

With a people ever so friendly to foreigners from different parts of the world, the country prides itself among the safest and best places in the world for foreigners to visit either for tourism or vacation.

Interested in visiting the country any time soon? Let’s show you the kind of visas you can find on their immigration services websites and so you could choose which one suits your needs.

Australia Visa Fee in Nigeria {All Types}

Find the right Australian visa for you as a Nigerian from this list below.

1.) Visitors Visa – N35,690

The entry permit is one of the short term visas offered by the Australian government to people coming into the country to stay for a short time.

Permit allows you to stay in the country for up to 12 months depending on what you are visiting the country for. If you are going for vacation or to have your honeymoon in the country, this type of entry permit is just what you need.

If you are also attending an event or anything that will not cause you to stay permanently within the country, then the visitors permit is just what you need.

The permit though comes with its own limitations. For instance, during the period of your stay you are not allowed to get a job with it or solicit for public funds.

Presently, it costs around 145 Australian Dollar to get this permit.

2.) Transit Visa

This permit allows you to pass trough Australia to your final destination. You are not permitted to stay beyond a certain number of days with this visa neither you allowed to work with it.

3.) eVisitor

This is a free visa that is issued to eligible persons coming to Australia from specific countries.

It is not available for all kinds of people or all countries.

4.) Electronic Travel Authority

Just like the above, this particular permit is given to people from specific countries. It is issued to those coming for business or for tourism. Being a short time permit, you are not allowed to stay for long in the county with it neither you allowed to get a job with it.

5.) Study Permit

The study permit or student visa, allows you to stay in the country throughout the duration of your program. With it you may be allowed to work certain minor jobs while you study as long as it does not affect your study.

Before you are granted this permit, you must be willing to provide proof of admission from a recognised academic institution in Australia and must be ready to present a proof of your financial ability to handle most of your responsibilities while you are in school.

You will be required to present a proof of you being medically fit to be allowed into the country alongside your criminal record. If you do not have a clean criminal record, you might as well forget about applying for this.

6.) Temporary Work permit – N76,280

This visa allows you to stay and work in Australia for up to 4 years. Before you will be granted this permit, you will be required to provide proof from your employer e.g. an employment letter from a company or any other firm offering you a job in the country you are going.

You must also convince the immigration officers you have a clean criminal record by producing a police report as your proof.

If you are not medically sound at the moment, then there is no need for you to apply for this until you are very OK. You should go and take care of yourself properly and then come back to apply for it latter.

The reason is because unless you are applying for a visa that will enable you to be brought into the country as a sick person for treatment, the officials can never approve your visa if you are not healthy.

Another thing that may be required of you to present is your bank’s statement of account, your passport photographs and any other necessary documents.

7.) Permanent Work Permit – N902,800

The Department of Home Affairs charges 3670 Australian Dollar for just the visa application. That is about N902,800 in our country. However that is just for the permanent work permit alone.

When you add other things like police clearance, document translation charge and so on, the money goes up to nearly a million naira.

So you have to sit down and check if you can set aside such amount of money to relocate permanently to the country. If you can, then give it a shot.

You will be required to present lots of documents before you are granted this. Among those documents are: your medical report, criminal record, bank statement or any document that can show your assets alongside other things.

Where To Apply For An Australian Visa & How

There are two major ways you can apply for Australian visas: one is online, while the other is offline.

Online Application

For most types of Australian visas, you can apply for them online on the official website of the Department of Home Affairs.

1.) To do this, log on to their official website using your device (preferably a computer).

2.) On the homepage, click on “ImmiAccount”.

3.) On the new page, scroll down and click on “Create ImmiAccount”

4.) After that, select the “individual” button if you are registering as an individual. If you are registering as an agent or organisation, select “Organisation”.

5.) Below that, you will find spaces where you are to enter “family name”, “given name”, “phone number” and “email”. Fill those spaces with the right information and make sure you only enter a working email address in the space provided for it there.

6.) Once you are done with that, scroll down and click on “Continue”

7.) Follow the onscreen instructions on the next page to complete your registration and then begin the visa application fully.

Offline Application

For paper applications in Nigeria, you are to visit the Official Australian Embassy in Nigeria using the addresses below. There you will be given the application forms and as well directed on how to go about it.

After filling the forms, you are to make payments into the ImmiAccount using your bank cards or walk into any Nigerian bank to physically make the payments.

Once that is done, proceed with the filled forms, the receipt of the payments, your international passports, passports photographs alongside other documents to the Visa application centre to submit it. There you will be directed on what next to do.

Australian Embassy Address In Nigeria {Contact Details}

  • Embassy of Australia, Abuja: 5th Floor, Oakland Centre, 48 Aguiyi Ironsi Street Maitama, Abuja Nigeria.
  • Phone Lines: ( 09 ) 461 2780, ( +234 ) 9461 2780

If your application is successful, within 4 weeks your visa will be ready.

Visa Requirements 2020

For all Australian visa types, below are some of the requirements you must meet to be granted the document.

1.) You must have a clean criminal record. You must be willing to produce a police report to support this.

2.) You must be physically and mentally healthy. A doctor’s report is required here.

3.) A proof of your financial strength. The Australian government wants to be sure you can fully support yourself while you are in their country. A statement of your account from the bank will do.

4.) An employment letter for those seeking for work permits.

5.) Letter of admission, a proof you have been offered admission into any Australian educational institution. This is for those applying for a study permit.

6.) A valid International passport that will not expire until 6 months after your stay in Australia. This passport must have two blank pages in it.

7.) Two recent passport photographs. They must show your face very clearly.

8.) Proof of payment for the visa application.

9.) Marriage certificates where necessary plus any other certificate.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we’ve given a thorough breakdown of the Australia Visa fee in Nigeria and how to go about applying and obtaining them.

If you are planning on travelling to Australia at anytime, consider going through the information on this page carefully.

I have also wrote about how you can get Germany visa being one of the popular destination for most Nigerians.

For more info, feel free to check out the official Australian Immigration website or contact their embassies right here in Nigeria for help.

I hope you find this post useful.


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