Atiku Abubakar Net Worth {Naira and Dollars} 2022 and Biography

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Atiku Abubakar is the Waziri of Adamawa, the former vice president of Nigeria (1999 – 2007), and the People’s Democratic Party Presidential candidate for the last general elections and the upcoming Presidential (2023) elections. In this write-up, I will be showing you Atiku Abubakar net worth, his businesses, houses, cars, biography, and family life.

Atiku Abubakar Net Worth 2022

The current net worth of Atiku Abubakar is $1.5 billion which is 625,500,000,000 Nigerian Naira (625.5 Billion), making him one of the richest men in Nigeria today.

His Biography

Mr. Atiku Abubakar was born on the 25th of November, 1946 in Jada, Adamawa State, Nigeria. One of the states is located in the Northern part of the country.

After his primary education, he went on to get his secondary school education at Adamawa Provincial Secondary School.

He proceeded to Nigerian Police College where he left to work at the Regional Ministry of Finance as a tax official.

He later went back to get a Diploma in Law from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University on a scholarship. Following his graduation, he was employed by Nigerian Customs Service.

His Venture Into Business

For 20 years, Atiku devoted his life serving the Nigerian Customs Service. Due to his commitment and hard work, he was able to rise to the position of Deputy Director which was the second-highest position in the service then.

While still serving as a customs officer in his days, he applied for a loan of 31,000 Naira in 1974. having received this loan, he invested it into the Real Estate business.

How did he do this? He used the money in building his first house in Yola. At the completion of the house, he put it up for sale and used the proceeds from that sale to build his second house.

One by one, he was acquiring plots of land and building houses on them in Yola.

Having established himself to some extent in the Real Estate business, in 1981 Atiku diversified into Agriculture.

To show you how serious he was about making a name for himself in that field also, he purchased 2500 hectares of land close to Yola, Adamawa state capital.

After a few years of planting Maize and Cotton on this farmland, in 1986 the agribusiness finally crumbled.

After regaining himself fully from that ugly experience, he then invested in another kind of business. This time, he started dealing with the buying and selling of flour, sugar, and rice.

His biggest move in business actually shot him to the height he now comes while he was still serving his country as a customs officer at the Apapa ports.

According to him, a friend spoke to him concerning setting up a logistics company operating within ports, Nigeria Container Services (NICOTES). It was this company that generated the majority of his wealth today.

NICOTES now known as INTELS continued to be a source of great income to the former vice president of Nigeria until his exit in late 2020.

Among other successful businesses he has started over the years includes Adama Beverages Limited, Yola. The company is into the production of beverages in Yola, Adamawa State.

He is also reported to own an animal feed production factory in the same Yola.

Atiku has done so well in business in Nigeria that he is today considered one of the greatest businessmen of our time.

With over 50,000 workers currently in all his business firms, he is reported to be the largest employer of labor in the private sector in Nigeria presently.

Need I mention that his school, American University of Nigeria Yola, is doing very very well both in academic achievements and otherwise.

His Marriage And Family Life

With 4 wives and 28 children, Atiku Abubakar enjoys quite a very large home. He is one of the few Nigerians that married from the three major ethnic groups in the country (Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba).

The first wife, Titilayo Albert, was just a 19-year-old girl when they met and secretly got married in 1971. A year after their marriage, the couple was blessed with a baby girl they named Fatima. Titi as she is also called is the mother of Adamu, Halima, and Aminu being her last child.

Atiku’s second wife Ladi whom he married in 1979 had six children for him: Abba, Atiku, Zainab, Ummi-Hauwa, Maryam and Rukaiyatu.

Four years after marrying Ladi, he married the late Lamido of Adamawa’s daughter, Princess Rukaiyatu. She gave birth to Aisha, Hadiza, Aliyu, Asmau, Mustafa, Laila, and Abdusalam.

In 1986, he married Fatima Shettima. Making it four wives for him now. Fatima later gave birth to Amina, Mohammed, Ahmed, Shehu, Zainab, Aisha, and Hafsat.

After some time, Atiku and his wife Ladi got divorced. Following this divorce, he married Jennifer Iwenjiora Douglas, restoring the number of his wives to 4.

His Political Career

Atiku Abubakar is an active player in Nigerian politics and has been since the eighties. In 1989, he got his first political appointment as he was elected National Vice Chairman of the political association, Peoples Front of Nigeria, which was headed by Yar’Adua.

In the same year, he represented his constituency, having won the seat in an election that year.

December 1998, he came out the winner of Adamawa State gubernatorial elections but before he could be sworn in as the governor, he received an invitation from the former head of state, Olusegun Obasanjo to be his running mate in the 1999 Presidential elections.

Setting aside his governorship ambition behind, he quickly accepted this offer and together with Obasanjo, came out victorious from that election as well.

Having won the 1999 elections with his boss, Atiku got sworn in as Vice President of Nigeria on May 29th, 1991.

While serving as the vice president, Atiku was charged with selling off poorly performing government enterprises. An activity that is still heavily criticized by Nigerians to date due to the way it was handled.

In 2006, President Obasanjo opted to have the constitution of Nigeria amended so as to allow him to contest for the presidency the third time. A bid that was greatly withstood by his vice, Atiku Abubakar.

In his words, the former vice president reportedly said in an interview:

“He informed me that ‘I left power twenty years ago, I left Mubarak in office, I left Eyamdema in office, I left Umar Bongo and even Paul Biya and I came back and they are still in power; and I just did eight years and you are asking me to go; why?’ And I responded to him by telling him that Nigeria is not Libya, not Egypt, not Cameroun, and not Togo; I said you must leave; even if it means both of us losing out, but you cannot stay.”

Following this rift between him and his boss, the former vice president left the People’s Democratic Party to contest as president on the platform of Action Congress in 2007.

According to INEC official results of that elections released, he came the third position behind Umar Musa Yar’Adua of PDP and Muhammadu Buhari of ANPP.

Returning to PDP in 2017, Atiku became its presidential flagbearer and contested for the 2019 presidential election alongside Peter Obi (former Governor of Anambra State) his running mate. Again he lost, but this time to APC’s Muhammadu Buhari.

He will be contesting again in 2023 as PDP’s Presidential flagbearer against APC’s Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and Labour Party’s Peter Obi.

Atiku’s House, Cars, And Private Jet

The Turaki of Adamawa is the owner of several beautiful mansions in Yola, Abuja, and other parts of the country.

Concerning his cars, the former vice president is said to own quite a lot of luxury rides. He is also reported to be the owner of one of the most expensive private jets in the country. That’s all on Atiku Abubakar net worth.

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