Airtel Night Plan – Time, Code, Bonus & Check Balance 2020


Due to the rising level of competition among the different telecommunication companies in Nigeria, they are all trying to outshine themselves by giving users the browsing bundles that will serve their browsing needs. This was the reason airtel mid night plan was introduced and it is one of the best out there right now.

airtel night plan

Whether you are a heavy internet user or light internet user, there is a night plan suitable for you and your budget. One good thing to note is that Airtel offers one of the cheapest night sub you can think of.

The Airtel midnight plans are not sim selective. It works for all sims but you will need to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe to enjoy the offers. The procedures are easy to follow and since you will be browsing in the night, you get to enjoy the best internet connection ever. This is because there are few people surfing the internet at that time. So the network connection usually flows well.

All that said, in this post, we will be looking at everything you need to know about the Airtel Nigeria midnight plan, how to subscribe, the benefits, and the validity period.

To enjoy the best of this offer, you should get more than one sim card and subscribe to them one after the other. But make sure you different methods you can use to check your airtel number since you will need it when recharging each sim card.

Airtel Night Plan 2020

Dial *312# or *141# to subscribe to the two available options of mid night browsing on airtel.

Now that you have known that Airtel offers amazing night bundles to meet your browsing needs. The next step for you is to know which of the plans is most suitable to you and how you can get yourself started with it. Below are midnight plans, benefits, validity period and how to subscribe for them.

1.) Airtel SmartTrybe Night Plan

This is one of the used night plans by Airtel subscribers because it gives subscribers access to a lot of interesting packages and bonuses at the most affordable price ever. This plan is suitable for both heaver downloaders and those that just wish to surf the internet with a little amount of money.

The Airtel SmartTrybe is specially designed for you to remain connected with everything around you at the lowest rate possible. You get the best call rate to call all networks and a good night plan so that you can stream your favourite movies or musics. You need to dial *312# to migrate to SmartTrybe on Airtel.


With as low as N25 on your Airtel sim account balance, you can now surf the internet. The first step is to migrate to SmartTrybe on Airtel by dialing *312# and then have a minimum of N25 in your Airtel sim. With this, you are good to go.

For those who will be downloading large files, there is a provision also made for you. While N25 gives you access to 250MB to browse with thought out midnight, you can get 1GB for just N200 which you can use to chat, download, or do whatever you like with it.

Even though you are not allowed to subscribe more than once on this plan, you can still get as much as 2GB in a night. All you need to do is to get multiple Airtel sims with a minimum of N25 in each of the sims. Once you exhaust the data on one sim, you just switch to another one, subscribe and continue to enjoy your browsing.

Validity Period

The validity period for SmartTrybe is from 12 am to 5 am. You can only use the date you subscribe for only during this period and you should note that unused data can not be rolled over to the next day. It is expected that you finish up your data for the night.

How to Subscribe

For you to subscribe, you need to migrate to the SmartTrybe Airtel tariff by dialling *312#, then you press 1 and send to activate.

Once you have migrated successfully to the tariff plan, you can then subscribe for the night plan by dialling *312#, then you press 3 and send. You will now receive a message that you have successfully activated your night plan.

You can start browsing once you receive the message. You may sometimes not get the message on time, but if you are able to subscribe successfully and the message does not come, just on your data connection and test it to see if you can browse.

2.) Airtel Night Bonus

Airtel also offer bonuses which you can use to browse at night. This is usually given by Airtel to heavy subscribers as a way of appreciating them. You can get 1GB worth of data to browse in the night when you subscribe for plans like the N1500 data plan, N2500 data plan, and N3000 data plan. While for data plans like the N4000 data plan and N5000 data plan, you get a whopping bonus of 2GB for night browsing.


One of the benefits is that you are offered bonuses when you subscribe to any of the data plans listed above. This bonuses can be used to browse in the night while you have your normal data which can be used during the day time.

You should know that unused data can be rolled over to the next day if not exhausted. The validity period of the bonus data is the same as the original data plan. It is valid for a period of 1 month.

Validity Period

The Airtel data bonuses for night browsing can be used within the period of 1 am to 7 am daily until the parent data expires.

How to Subscribe {Code}

You can subscribe to a data bundle with the Airtel night bonus by dialling *141#, then you select “Buy a Data Bundle” by selecting 2, then you select 3. There you will see the different bundle plans. You just need to select the one that best suits your need at that moment.

How to Check Mid-Night Plan Data Balance

There is no official way to check data balance. But you can always make use of the data usage.


Airtel night browsing data plan can be regarded as one of the best when it comes to night browsing because they offer long night browsing validity period. 12 am to 5 am is enough time for you to carry out any project successfully.

You should note that you can buy the normal day plan and still do the night plan. This can help you conserve your day time data.


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