Airtel Airtime Transfer Code – Best Me2U Guide


With the use of airtel airtime transfer code or ME2U, you can easily send credit to another subscribers with ease.

airtel airtime transfer code

Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you are stranded and you need to put a call across to someone to seek help or someone close to you is in need of airtime and you are willing to help out because you have enough credit to share?

Many networks around the world provide these services for mobile phone users for SMS messaging, voice calls and for data purchasing.

Airtel allows users the ability to transfer airtime to Airtel phone numbers on your contact list.
For example:

You can easily transfer airtime to show love to your relatives in school or someone close to you.

You can be in a situation where you need airtime to make urgent calls, you can have someone send you airtime regardless of your location.

You can easily top up your Airtel line and that of your family, friends, and colleagues without needing to buy airtime vouchers from a local vendor.

You can use the airtime received to get airtel internet plans, make calls, send sms and every other thing credit can be used for.

Airtel Airtime Transfer Code

  • Dial *432# on your phone
  • Select transfer airtime
  • Enter the phone number you wish to transfer credit to.
  • Enter your “PIN”; confirm the transaction by replying by pressing 1 on your keypad.
  • You will receive a confirmation message telling whether your transaction was successful or unsuccessful.

How to Transfer Credit on Airtel Using SMS

  • On your mobile phone navigate to the SMS menu.
  • Proceed to create SMS and write in the following format: 2u (space) Airtel phone number (space) amount (space) PIN.
  • For example, if you want to transfer N100 to 08095124655: 2u 08095124655 100 2443.
  • Send SMS to 432
  • After sending the message you should receive a message from Airtel stating whether the transaction was successful or unsuccessful.

Airtel Me2U

This service allows you to transfer and receive airtime with other Airtel subscribers.

It is not so hard to transfer airtime.

This article will tell you how it can be done easily, how to use the Airtel Me2U service that allows subscribers to transfer airtime from one Airtel line to another regardless of their location.

The maximum transfer limit for this service cannot be more than N5000 per day.

Features of Airtel Me2U Service

  • The default 4 digits transfer pin for this service is 1234; this pin is used for authorization during credit transfer
  • Your default pin can be changed or allow you to create a new one
  • The maximum daily transfer limit for Me2U service is N5000
  • Every successful transfer requires a charge of N10.

How to Register

All you must do is to change your default “PIN” attached to your personal line to a more secure “PIN” that can be easily remembered but difficult to guess by someone else. The default “PIN” is 1234.

Every active Airtel line can enjoy the Me2U service.

If you are a subscriber on Airtel network, you eligible for this service.

How to Change PIN

The transfer pin gives authorization during a transaction.

Without this pin, your transfer transaction will not be successful.

You will need the pin to authenticate the transfer.

So, it is advisable to always remember your transfer pin and remember never to share with anyone.

Steps on how to change your “PIN” for transfer:

  • To create a “PIN” on your phone navigate to the Message/SMS menu and text PIN1234(New PIN) to 432.
  • For example: Text PIN12342443 if your PIN is 2443 and send message to 432
  • You will get a confirmation message to change your “PIN”.
  • After this is done, you can transfer some of your credit to any other Airtel subscriber.


Every successful transaction will cost N10.

Subscribers will not be charged for inquiry SMS and “PIN” changes, as well as unsuccessful Me2U transactions.

Airtime successfully transferred is not reversible or reverse by the sender, so it is advisable to be very attentive because all successful transactions are non-convertible.

Whenever you are in a situation in need of airtime for urgent reasons and you don’t have enough to make a call, all you need to do is to ask someone on the same network to transfer you some credit.

So now with Airtel airtime transfer code and the necessary operation that will help you transfer or receive airtime with ease, you wouldn’t have to be in a bad situation in the future.


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