How to Check Access Bank Account Number ~ Top 6 Ways


Do you want to know how to retrieve your access bank account number as a customer without stress in 2020? I have listed the top methods you can use irrespective of where you are and when it is.

access bank account number

This write up will provide you with different means you can use to check your account number without going to your bank’s customer care.

Account number is a ten digit number given by a bank to all individuals who registers with them. Every bank issues an account number to a particular person or customer.

This number is used to identify a person in the bank. It is also called account number because it has to do with money.

Your account number is like a file or folder where your bank keeps the details regarding your money or finance in that particular bank.

It is important you keep this number safe in the same way you do your phone number.

However at the very beginning when your account is activated it seems quiet impossible to have your account number offhand. It was difficult for me too.

I remember always visiting the bank to ask for my account number at the customer care. At a time the customer care agent got tired of me and warned me never to return again requesting for this number.

Though this was a long time ago before technology was integrated deeply into banking system as it is today.

Today however, if you have lost your account details or you have a problem remembering it and you wish to retrieve your account number here are few ways to do so without visiting your bank branch.

Your account number can be checked through the following ways.

  • The use of USSD code with your phone
  • Use of ATM card
  • Access bank mobile app
  • Social media

1.) Code to Check Access Bank Account Number

Dial *901# >> 4 (other services) >> 4 (enquiry services) >> 3 (Account Number Enquiry) >> Enter the last 6 digit of your ATM card and it will display on your screen and also be sent to you as a message.

Step By Step Guide to Using USSD

The USSD code is the bank transaction code. Every bank has an USSD Code. These codes are different via the banks. This means that every bank has a unique USSD code. For access/diamond bank the code is *901# or *426#.

This code enables you to perform various banking activities. This is commonly called mobile banking. No internet or data connection is required to use the USSD code.

The code can be accessed with any type of phone, whether android phone or not.

However, the code works with the SIM card that is the phone number you used in opening the account.

This is by far the easiest means to get your nuban account number.

Step 1

Dial or press *901# on your phone. The result shown will be in options and numbers. Like this:

  • 1> Check balance
  • 2> Transfers
  • 3> Airtime
  • 4> Other services
  • 5> Diamond Xtra
  • 6> Access money

Step 2

Select 4 (Other services), then press SEND. Options will be display again as;

  • 1> Payday loan
  • 2> Bill payment
  • 3> Data
  • 4> Enquiry service
  • 5> Reset PIN
  • 6> Cardless withdraw
  • 7> Referral scheme
  • 8> Opt out

Step 3

Select 4 which is (Enquiry services), then press SEND. Another options will be displayed as follows;

  • 1> Mini Statement
  • 2> BVN Enquiry
  • 3> Account Number Enquiry

Step 4

  • Select 3 which is Account number enquiry, then press SEND
  • You will be asked to enter the last 6 digit of your ATM card to retrieve your account number.

Step 5

  • After you must have entered the last digit of your ATM card, press SEND. Your account number will be displayed on the screen of your phone.

Note that you can also use the USSD code *426# for diamond/access bank following the steps above you will get the same result.

2.) The Use of ATM Card

Let’s say you are already in the bank and you aren’t with your phone but you have your atm card with you. You can also use the ATM card to retrieve your account number number.

All you need do is to go to any ATM of access bank, insert your ATM card and follow the on-screen instructions.

This changes much more frequently. This is why i won’t be showing the full guide here. It might just be outdated tomorrow.

3.) Use of Access Mobile App

Access mobile app is an application that is based on Access Banking Services.

This application is used for all banking transaction in access bank such as; transfer, buying of airtime, account details.

This application can also be used to retrieve your account number.

First, this app only works on smart phones. You will have to install the app on your smart phone and get registered.

You also have to make sure your internet server is activated that is data connection.

This is not hard at all. If some reasons the first method didn’t work for you, just login to your mobile app and at the top left corner is your account number.

4.) Use of Social Media

Social media are sites or social sites used for business, banking, marketing, chatting, and so on.

This social sites includes.

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

And many more.

However, Access bank has taken advantage of some of these social media platform to relate and reach out to their customers.

You can check for your account number on their Facebook page or twitter or Whatsapp.

Their Facebook page is Access Bank Facebook.

The following information will be needed when using any of these platform;

a.) Your full name

b.) Phone number (the phone number you used in opening the account)

c.) Date of birth

d.) Your address

e.) The bank branch where you opened your account

However, you may not be asked to provide all of the information above. This is just a guideline of what to expect.

All these are the various means you can use to regain your account number.

However, these methods is only applicable to Access bank customers. You cannot use the above USSD code for other banks.

5.) Internet Banking

  • Visit
  • Click on internet banking at the top right corner and choose if it’s individual or business
  • Enter your login details
  • On your dashboard is your account number, bvn and name

6.) Statement of Account

Access bank always send an email at the beginning of a new month which contains how much enters and leave your account the previous month.

At the top of this file sent to your email is your account number.

Final Note

Getting your access bank account number is as important as getting your lost SIM card. After retrieving your account details make sure you have your number in a save place. You can even save it on your phone.

It is important to note that the above methods of checking your account number can only be effective if you use the number you registered the account with.

In a case where you don’t have the number or you have misplaced it, kindly go for SIM backup in the network office depending on the network you are using.

Apart from retrieving your account number, it is also important to note you can also perform other transactions using your code or mobile app with your smart phone.

A variation of the code also doubles as mobile transfer ussd for access bank to send money from your account to anyone in Nigeria.

Hope you found this article quiet interesting and useful?


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