9mobile Night Plan {Code & Check Balance} 2020


The 9mobile night plan is one amazing offer that every one of their customers would like but it is quite expensive. The price of etisalat night data bundles cost more than other internet network providers in the country. Aside from the high cost of data bundles, their packages are quite good.

9mobile night plan

9mobile formerly known as Etisalat is no doubt one of the fastest internet networks in Nigeria. The speed of the network in the strongest connection areas is sufficient to help you get any type of online job done in the fastest way.

As a user, you get to enjoy uninterrupted network connection when you stream videos online, when you download large files and when you just want to keep up with recent events.

You will even enjoy the network better when you browse in the night. This is because of the number of internet users during the night are very small in number compared to the day time. 9mobile too offers night data plans for all its customers.

To spice up their own night data plans, there is an option for you to subscribe for a weekend plan which can serve you up to a month. The weekend plans can be used both in the evenings and at night. The good thing is that it runs for a whole month.

Unlike some network providers where you will need to migrate to a particular tariff plan to enjoy the night data plan, it works for every sims and call plan on 9mobile. You just need to have the required amount for the plan and subscribe immediately without any form of restriction.

So now, we will be looking at everything you need to know about etisalat midnight data plan, how to subscribe, the benefits, and the validity period. And other things you need to know about it.

There are 2 different plans. The night only plan and weekend plans. They cost N200 for 1GB and N1000 for 2GB and 2000 Naira for 5GB respectively.

If you are someone who is always busy during weekdays, there are weekend plans you can subscribe to.

With this knowledge, the next step to take is to know which of the 9mobile subscriptions is most suitable for you and how you can get yourself started with it. Below are the plans, benefits, validity period and how to subscribe for them.

1.) 9mobile Night Plan

This night only bundle comes in only one package and the cost of this package is N200 for 1GB. This is the reason many people feel that 9mobile is quite expensive due to the fact that other networks offer night data plans for as low as N25.

This option likely for those who want to download heavy files and not those who are looking for the cheapest night data plan.

To subscribe to 9mobile midnight plan, use the following steps and codes.

  • SMS: 200 to 229
  • Code: *229*3*11#


The 9mobile night only plan is most suitable for those who download heavy files. While the maximum quantity of data most network providers offer for night browsing is 500MB, 9mobile offers 1GB at a go for night browsing.

With the 9mobile night only plan, you will not need to do many multiple subscriptions to download large files. Large file downloaders are the ones that mostly enjoy this night data plan.

Validity Period

The Validity Period of 9mobile Night Only Plan is from 12 am to 5 am. This means that you can only use your data within a period of 12 am to 5 am. This night data plan is valid for only 1 day and unused data cannot be rolled over to the next day. You need to finish up your data the same night you subscribe.

2.) 9mobile Weekend / Night Data plan

This is one of the most amazing data plans from 9mobile. There are actually data plans that are similar to this one but not exactly the same. The 9mobile Weekend / Night Data plan actually has two types that you can choose from. Although both options are costly, they are worth it because of the value you get from it.

The first type is the 9mobile N1000 weekend / night data plan for 30 days. With this plan, you get 2GB worth of data to browse throughout the weekend and at nights for 30 days.

The other type is the 9mobile N2000 weekend / night plan. With this plan, you get 5GB worth of data to browse all through the weekend and at nights.


This is the best weekend plan you can think of. This plan is most suitable for people who are always busy during weekdays but want to have time to know what is happening around them during the weekend. This will also enable them to catch up with what they have missed during weekdays.

Just to be clear, one distinctive benefit of this plan is that it can be used anytime during weekends (day & night) and weekdays from 7 pm to 7 am. Awesome right. Again, with this plan, you are given a bonus of 100MB to access your WhatsApp any time of the day throughout the validity period of the plan.

You can now see that even though it is an expensive data plan but it is worth the cost because of the value you get.

Validity Period

Both the 9mobile N1000 and 9mobile N2000 are valid for 30 days but the can only be used during weekends from Friday from 12 am to Sunday at 11:59 pm. During weekdays, you can browse these plans from 7 pm to 7 am.

The 100MB bonus you get for WhatsApp is also valid for the month and can be used at any time of the day without restriction.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to the 9mobile weekend / night data plan, just dial *229*3*12# for the 9mobile N1000 plan and *229*3*13# for the 9mobile N2000 plan. You will be notified via SMS upon successful subscription.

How to Check Balance

Just dial *228# and you will receive the balance of all your data bundles.


If your major concern is the high cost of 9mobile night plan, you should also consider the speed of the network at night and the fact that they have some plans that are not yet available on other networks.

The weekend / night plan may be a little be costly but when you consider all the benefits you get from it, you will realize that it’s worth it. There is no better weekend/ night data plan for an office worker who closes from work by 5 pm daily.

With any of the weekend / night plans, you can surf the internet from 7 pm after you might have rested for a while.


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