9mobile Call Me Back Codes & How to Send it


The world needs telecommunication and one of the effortless and cheap way to do this is call me back whose 9mobile codes are shared below.

9mobile call me back

It is amazing how something as beautiful as friendship, family, etc can be built or sustained through telecommunication.

Telecommunication in itself has evolved, over the years, from being just another means of communication to be an instrument one could use to effect change from their own corner.

The Emerging Market Telecommunication Service Limited(EMTS), popularly known as 9mobile(and formerly called Etisalat), was commissioned in Nigeria in 2007 and have since been consistently committed to making for a smooth and easy telecommunication life for her users in Nigeria.

They have so far affected this in diverse ways, one of which is their Call Me Back Service.

There is always this sense of frustration when you really do need to talk to someone or to send a message across and you are both low on cash and on airtime.

Finding yourself in situations like this can be very risky, because at the end of day you may have recorded such loss or failure as could have been prevented by just one call, or one text message.

EMTS understands the need to always be in communication with people – friends, lovers, family, colleagues, bosses, employees, etc.

They are also aware of the fact that, being humans and living in a world filled with surprises and unexpected situations, a person could be out of airtime in a fix, an emergency or in a state of urgency.

In knowing this, and trying to build a standing communication bridge, they devised a means whereby you can get a call from someone, get an important message across or get help in a fix even when your airtime balance is zero.

A major advantage of this is, you are not charged before or after for these text messages. Most people prefer this to 9mobile service that allows you to borrow airtime and pay back later.

In case you are a 9mobile user and have been wondering how you could put across a Call Me Back message, here’s how to.

9mobile Call Me Back Codes

  • Dial *266*1*RECIPIENT NUMBER# for Call Me, Thank You
  • *266*2*RECIPIENT NUMBER# for Call Me, I Landed Safely
  • Dial *266*3*RECIPIENT NUMBER# for Please Call Me, I Am Now Available
  • *266*4*RECIPIENT NUMBER# to send Please Call Me Back, It’s an Emergency

1.) Please Call Me, Thank You

You are probably in a fix, and you need to talk to someone, or you need to send a message across to the person and you’re out of call credit and do not have resources to recharge your phone, “Please Call Me, Thank You” is a very polite way to get the call.

Especially if the person is an older person or of a higher position than you are.

Dial *266*1*RECIPIENT NUMBER# to send Please Call Me, Thank You.

For example: *266*1*09087543721#

2.) Please Call Me, I Landed Safely

When you are on a journey it is very normal for family members, friends or even colleagues to be awaiting your arrival call at the other side.

But imagine you realized, just after your arrival, that you have run out of airtime and there is no vendor around to buy from and recharge, or no handy cash.

One very effective way out, if you are a 9mobile network service user is “Please Call me, I Landed Safely”.

Dial *266*2*RECIPIENT NUMBER# to send Please Call Me, I Landed Safely.

For example: *266*2*09087543721#

3.) Please Call Me, I Am Now Available

There are times you may be indisposed and not able to take calls, or for some reasons missed someone’s call and do not have airtime to return the call or send a text message, 9mobile “Please Call Me, I Am Now Available” call me back service comes in handy.

You can easily get the person to call you again even when you do not have call credit.

Dial *266*3*RECIPIENT NUMBER# to send Please Call Me, I Am Now Available.

For example: *266*3*09087543721#

4.) Call Me Back, It’s an Emergency

You have an emergency situation, and do not have airtime to get help?

Or you need to deliver an information urgently but do not have airtime to send it across.

9mobile is here for the rescue. This call me back service helps during an emergency situation or in a state of urgency.

You can easily get help or get what you need done with just a dial on your cellphone.

Dial *266*4*RECIPIENT NUMBER# to send Please Call Me Back, It’s an Emergency.

For example: *266*4*09087543721#


Having these codes at the tip of your fingers can save you a thousand and more troubles.

You may not have been in a situation where you needed to use any of these code, but if you are a 9mobile user, it is advisable to have them at heart as you cannot tell when a situation will arise when you will need them.

Saving them now will spare you the troubles later.

However, this service, like most other services, is not without limitations. 9mobile Call Me Back messages can only be sent to a recipient 9mobile user. That is, the person on the receiving end must also be a 9mobile user.

Though this is the same across the telecom giant. For example, you can also only send glo call me back message to only glo customers too and airtel has totally cancelled the service on their own network.

Also, messages can only be sent 5 times in a day.


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